Barnsole Primary Trust

Barnsole Primary Trust

Joining the trust

“There’s something special about working in an organisation where everyone is valued and encouraged to lead. Wherever you sit in the

organisation you can start something and see it ripple out across the trust, making positive changes to so many people.”

Sarah Ryan – Early Years Improvement Lead       


Barnsole Primary Trust is driven by the belief that every child deserves an outstanding education and over the last two years we have built a team that is committed to making this belief real.

We are an open, highly collaborative and supportive trust, taking best practice and learning from wherever we find it. From the skills and experience of our staff to the latest in education research, and from other schools and trusts with whom we work.

We value the strengths and nurture the individual identities of our schools because we believe that it is important for children, parents and staff feel a strong association with their school community while knowing that they can benefit from being part of something bigger.

We are confident that Barnsole Primary Trust is an organisation where schools, staff and most importantly children can thrive.

Your future in Barnsole Primary Trust?

Barnsole Primary Trust is a successful trust, financially stable and incorporating academies which are delivering excellent educational outcomes to their children.
Our desire to grow the trust comes solely from a passion to deliver excellent education to as many children as possible.

We aim to help all children to thrive through the best possible education and to do this by having high performing academies in the trust.

We recognise that schools considering joining the trust will be at varying stages of their journey to excellence therefore what is most important to us in considering a potential joining school or trust is the values and beliefs of the staff and governing body.

We are looking for partners who are:

  • Committed to producing excellent outcomes for children
  • Keen to focus on raising standards and improvement
  • Open to working collaboratively
  • Equally happy to share best practice and learn from others
  • Excited to be part of a team whose effects go beyond their own school
  • Not afraid of the challenge

What Barnsole Primary Trust Can Offer

To Children:

  • Child first culture – driving everything we do
  • Pupil Promise
  • Excellent learning experience
  • Curriculum designed and developed based on research and staff led best practice. Implemented collaboratively across the trust schools


To Staff:

  • Learn from research and strong practice from within and beyond the trust
  • Sharing best practice and learning across all the schools in the trust
  • Enhanced career development opportunities for staff
  • Inclusive, supportive and empowering culture
  • Care for staff – wellbeing monitoring
  • Access to resources, ideas and skills from every member of staff
  • Opportunity to impact the lives and skills of children across multiple schools
  • Truly open and collaborative culture


To Schools:

  • Membership of a trust that is competent and confident, never corporate
  • Economies of scale
  • Efficient and effective “back office” function
  • Schools can concentrate on educational development leaving administration to the trust
  • Great strengths and experience in school improvement
  • Research-based school and teaching improvement (see the School Improvement Strategy for more information)
  • Clarity and transparency on costs and services backed up by SLAs
  • Value the individual identity of every school

Barnsole Primary Trust’s Services

The Trust provides the following business services:

  • Preparing financial statements in line with the Department for Education (DfE) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requirements;
  • VAT returns;
  • Taxation advice;
  • Accounting Officer and Responsible Officer reporting;
  • Support with budget preparation and monitoring;
  • Monthly/quarterly management accounts;
  • Software and processes training for school finance staff;
  • Academy Conversion from start to completion;
  • Brokerage of insurance;
  • Brokerage of other core services on request.

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