Barnsole Primary Trust

Joining the trust

Joining Schools

A core aim of the Trust is to have high-performing academies within the Trust. The Trust accepts that each joining school will be at a different starting point in their drive for improvement.


The key offer is for school improvement across the Trust, with the aim for all academies to be outstanding. The Trust will focus on:

  • communicating the benefits of being part of Barnsole Primary Trust;
  • proactive engagement with the Trust Board.


In discussion with the Board, Barnsole Primary Trust will work together to agree the benefit of a school joining the Trust. The infrastructure of the Trust will eliminate the burden on schools to manage support services, allowing them to focus on effective teaching and learning as well as having the opportunity to deliver school-to-school support across the Trust. We will attract schools into Barnsole Primary Trust through:

  • a flexible Scheme of Delegation for their Local Governing Board to continue to lead and manage the school;
  • leading school improvement though collaboration;
  • outstanding CPD offers for all staff;
  • stability in a rapidly changing educational landscape;
  • a chance to generate income and allow access to shared services and economies of scales;
  • capacity to act as a ‘sponsor’ for a school in an Ofsted category. 


Barnsole Primary Trust’s Services

The Trust provides the following business services:

  • preparing financial statements in line with the Department for Education (DfE) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requirements;
  • VAT returns;
  • taxation advice;
  • Accounting Officer and Responsible Officer reporting;
  • support with budget preparation and monitoring;
  • monthly/quarterly management accounts;
  • software and processes training for school finance staff;
  • Academy Conversion from start to completion;
  • brokerage of insurance;
  • brokerage of other core services on request.